The Islamic Republic Of Iran 's Foreign Policy

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The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Policy: What Does Iran Want?
Henry Kissinger and George Shultz warned that, “Iran’s representatives (including its Su-preme Leader) continue to profess a revolutionary anti-Western concept of international order” (Beinart)
The above statement underscores how many in policy circles (primarily conservatives) believe that Iran is anti-western, which is nothing further from the truth. Case in point: the multi-lateral negotiations concerning Iran’s nuclear program led by the United States. Without going into specifics, there have many times where the Iranians could have walked away from the table if they chose in the beginning to even begin these talks. On the whole, Iranians want to do business with the U.S., they want American expertise and technology; not European and not Chinese.
Iranian foreign policy is drafted by The Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) created in 1989 as the result of a constitutional revision is currently headed by Ali Shamkhani; the agency’s goals are as follows in accordance to Article 177 of the Iranian Constitution (Islamic Republic of Iran ):
1. To determine the national defense/security policies within the framework of gen-eral policies laid down by the Leader.
2. To coordinate political, intelligence, social, cultural and economic activities in rela-tion to general defense/security policies.
3. To exploit material and non-material resources of the country for facing internal and external threats
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