The Islamic Republic of Iran

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Iran leads the Education CBM and has expressed its willingness to participate in implementation of all other CBM.

Bilateral Ties and Regional Cooperation
Iran has participated in all the regional and international conferences starting from the Bonn Agreement in 2001 to the HoAP ministerial conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2013. It has also been the main supporter of the ECO and has participated in various UN conferences on Afghanistan.

After the fall of Taliban government in Afghanistan, Iran played a crucial role in the state-formation and reconstruction process in Afghanistan. Iran was instrumental in the establishment of the Afghan Interim Authority in December 2001 during its participation in the Bonn Conference held under the auspices of the United Nations.

In the field of security cooperation, Iran has always been critical of NATO and ISAF efforts in Afghanistan. It has shown interest in increasing its involvement in training and coordination with the Afghan security forces. Iran believes that only regional powers can bring stability to Afghanistan: they should be the main security partners for Kabul.

One of Tehran’s gravest concerns is that almost 50% of Afghan opium production travels through her lands; it is estimated that Iran hosts some 1-4 million drug addicts. Hence, the National Drug Control Headquarters of Iran (DCHQ) has declared drug addiction…