The Islamic Revolution and its Impac on Marji’s Family Essay

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The Pahlavi dynasty caused Marji’s family and other Iranian citizens to become dysphonic. The dynasty mismanaged Iranian money and was manipulated by Western nations. Enmity grew towards the monarchy and ultimately the Iranian people wanted a revolution. Marji’s family had strong animosity toward the Shah. Many of Marji’s family members as well as others fought against the Shah. But the Islamic Revolution took a turn that many were not prepared for. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (The Shah), the son of Reza Shah took the throne after his father on September 16, 1941. The Shah continued his father’s politics and modernization of Iran. He proceeded to Westernize Iran by having the education structure “(primary, secondary, higher…show more content…
Citizens of Iran were infuriated by the calamitous coup d’état and overthrowing of Mossadeq. Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq was deemed by Iranian people as a hero. In addition to the complications with the oil, The Shah’s reputation began to deteriorate. The Shah was scrutinized as a puppet of the Western nations, particularly the United States. Citizens of Iran began to have aversion towards the actions of the monarchy. The Shah altered the Iranian solar calendar inducing outrage amongst many Iranian Muslims. Another issue was the Shah’s distribution of money. The Shah spent over 300 million dollars in extravagant luxuries during a three-day celebration; rather than using the money for the needs of Iran. Citizens of Iran suffered greatly from The Shah’s regime. He was considered a dictator and used harsh punishments for rebellions. The Shah was a corrupt leader who oppressed the Iranian people. Citizens of Iran finally had enough with the Shah and decided to overthrow him. The Islamic Revolution (Iranian Revolution) lead by Ayatollah Kjomeini began in 1977. Interminable protests against the Shah’s dynasty commenced, and by January 1978, the protests became deadly. “Hundreds of Islamist students and religious leaders in the city of Qom were furious over a story in the government-controlled press they felt was libelous.” (Wikipedia) It was estimated that over seventy

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