The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Just like any other religion it has goals and objectives. For example christianities goals are to get to heaven. How you do that is you must have a clean soul before you die. Just like catholicism Muslim has a variety of views about how to do things. ISIS’ goals are for everyone to become 100% muslim. The United States is uncertain on its position.The will that ISIS has is even more dangerous than anyone the world has seen. ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has gotten famous for not only their beliefs but how they share them. ISIS has become famous for the many videos that have gone viral on social media websites and YouTube. They share videos of people being beheaded and executed, some executions came from being burned alive to being drowned to death. Others come from being shot by rockets or being killed by a guillotine. These executions are said to happen because they wanted to get there name out there and become famous. When these executions happen people in the middle east tend to get frightened because they could visit their village or city and do the same to other families. ISIS has to have weapons to be able to execute and raid villages. According to CNN.coms Tim lister, “ ISIS gets their guns by seizing middle eastern military bases and police bases. Executions were created as a symbol not for the person that is actually getting executed but for everyone else to become aware of the what would happen. The biggest part that caused all of this is the

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