The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Just like any other religion it has goals and objectives. For example christianities goals are to get to heaven. How you do that is you must have a clean soul before you die. Just like catholicism Muslim has a variety of views about how to do things. ISIS’ goals are for everyone to become 100% muslim. The United States is uncertain on its position.The will that ISIS has is even more dangerous than anyone the world has seen. ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has gotten famous for not only their beliefs but how they share them. ISIS has become famous for the many videos that have gone viral on social media websites and YouTube. They share videos of people being beheaded and executed, some executions came from being burned alive…show more content…
There are billions of people using social media everyday, sites like facebook, twitter, and Instagram are big parts of spreading the beliefs of the Islamic State. When ISIS posts a video they will have the flag of the Islamic State show at the beginning and the end to let everyone know it was them. They like to showboat about how they killed someone by taking their head off. Also in some videos they will call out the United States and Barack Obama directly to make an even bigger impact on Americans. Barack Obama keeps trying to reason with ISIS but the leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad does not want to reason he just wants what’s best for the Islamic State. Barack Obama has referred to ISIS as the Islamic State of Iraq and Lebanon because of the involvement in Lebanon. As more and more views come in from the graphic content posted by ISIS the more and more known they get which is there as far as the US is concerned. ISIS also will execute people that are supposed spies. On December 2nd, 2015 a video was released of an ISIS member beheading an alleged Russian spy. The video was the member talking about how ISIS can find any spy any military sends in. Then in the end the alleged spy is beheaded with a simple army knife. By doing this it sends a message to everyone else that they should not spy on ISIS. Another video was posted of Yemen captives and the execution was the captives were shot an exploded by a missile. Also other uses of these executions are
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