The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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East Asia is globalizing at a rapid speed, and due to its large influence on the rest of the world it is important to analyze the progression occurring here. Currently, the war against terrorism is a growing concern and countries around the world have come together to meet for a consensus about the negativity surrounding terrorism, specifically a unification against ISIS. ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a terror organization that has claimed responsibilities for the recent bombings in Paris, Belgium and Pakistan (1). The Obama Administration has shown great attention and focus towards ending ISIS and creating a unification between allied nations. On November 15 2015, President Obama met with the presidents of…show more content…
On a local scale, communities in East Asia are aware and understand the threat of ISIS. Early in 2015, 2 Japanese hostages were captured by ISIS and were later killed by the terror group (3). During this time the Japanese government worked diligently with international alliances and the local communities to assure that anything that could be done, would be done. Unfortunately, the hostages were killed, but such a scenario presents the global-local nexus of Japan. The Japanese people were obviously alarmed by the situation, and the government provided them with up-to-date notifications of the situation and reassurance that their government was involved. This type of interaction transpired into Japan’s global interactions with President Obama and French president Francois Hollande (3). These nations voiced their opinion against the acts of ISIS and showed a consensus that such an organization needed to be ended. Unfortunately, many East Asian nations besides Japan have been affected by ISIS. In Indonesia there are about seven Islamist extremist groups that acknowledge their actions to ISIS. A recent bloody strike reported on January 14th in the capital’s downtown district left eight dead, validating the presence of ISIS in East Asia’s door steps. A group in the Philippines recently pledged their allegiance to ISIS in a short clip. A Starbucks in Thailand was affected by two suicide bombers and four additional explosions occurred
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