The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Recently, much media attention has been given to the radical terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). To many, this group is a representation of Islam and affirms the stereotype that Islam is comprised of radical terrorists that are cruel to women, children, and minorities. Commonly, Westerners maintain that Muslims oppose peace and, instead, are set on converting everyone to Islam. This paper, therefore, will examine the basic tenants and beliefs of ISIS and compare them to mainstream Islamic beliefs and tenants. Finally, it will attempt to answer two poignant questions: Is ISIS is an Islamic group and is the media justified in portraying them as such? ISIS is a radical Islam-based group with ties to Sunni Islam. It…show more content…
Furthermore, the group is set on marrying Islam with the state and holds that secular states are indicative of heresy. Its primary objective is to create an Iraqi-Syrian state based on its radical belief system. (Sekulow 3-7).
ISIS holds very misogynistic views and, as a consequence, women are treated very poorly, denied basic human rights, and subject to extreme violence. ISIS is a strong advocate of male-superiority and patriarchy. Women are subject to men and hold no power and few rights. One of the most extreme measures taken by ISIS against women is an insistence on genital mutilation (i.e. female circumcision). In July, 2014, the United Nations released a report stating that ISIS ordered all girls and women, between the ages of 11 and 46 and living in northern Iraq, to undergo this very painful and oftentimes deadly procedure. (U.N.: ISIS Orders Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq). Furthermore, women are viewed as property of their fathers or husbands, and are required to fulfill the role of obedient wife and mother. ISIS released a publication on basic guidelines for women to follow in order to be the ultimate wives of ISIS fighters. These publications included a requirement that women allow their husbands to use them in any way they like, and fulfill any wish or desire their husbands might have. Additionally, the sources encouraged women to not be disgruntled if their husbands beat them. Instead, they should
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