The Islamic State Of Iraq And Terrorism

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War and conflict have raged in Southeast and Central Asia for centuries due to civil unrest and political instability. The rise of the Taliban and other militant insurgencies have escalated the dangers and unpredictability of an already unstable government in Afghanistan. The agenda of these jihadist extremists is the takeover of the Afghan and Pakistan governments in favor of the more stringent Islamic ways of the Taliban, and the destruction of anyone who opposes them. These groups, professing to do the work of God, are perpetrating a coarse and distorted interpretation of Islam and the Quran. Violent acts that have been committed by insurgents, include crimes against humanity, acts of terrorism, murder, suicide bombings, and assassinations of political figures (Ghufran, 2009, pg 44). The appointment of the new Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar could result in a dangerous liaison with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The recent terrorist attacks by ISIS in Paris are “deeply concerning because they carry the potential to be much more sophisticated and complex—and therefore more dangerous . . . . ISIS has shown an interest in weapons of mass destruction” (Morell, 2015, pg 60). Pakistan, fitted with nuclear capabilities could be a prime target for ISIS. If Mansour joins with ISIS, the organization has the strong potential to grow into a monster that will profoundly threaten the national security of all nations. The Birth and Rise of the Taliban The Taliban was founded

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