The Islamic State Of Iraq

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The Islamic State has been created in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq by a Jordanian in order to expel Americans. The movement has been linked to Al-Qaeda but has been weaken by the American offensive. However since 2011 the organization has used the Syrian civil war to regain influence and territories. In 2013 Al-Qaeda rejected the movement because of its violence. They tried to create an alliance with Al-Nosra which refused because of its violence too. The Islamic State has been known under several names: first Tawhid wal Djihad, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Islamic State of Iraq, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and then Islamic State. But under its different names, its goal has always been the same: to…show more content…
The USA has really reconsidered the threat of this group after the kidnapping and execution of two American journalists and the quick rising tide of the organization. So how the USA is dealing with the ISIS threat and is its strategy suitable? We may wonder why the Islamic State is difficult to struggle, what is the American strategy to “eradicate” this terrorist group and what are the limits of the strategy of the international coalition led by the USA.

The Islamic State is currently considered as the major threat of the USA according to a recent survey on American people . But is this group really strong, well-equipped and so a threat for the West? Firstly the Islamic State is the wealthiest terrorist group of the world. At the beginning some Gulf countries have helped the group but have stopped with the raising of its violence. But now the group is self-financed with racketeering and robbery of conquered territories. For instance the capture of the city of Mossoul gave a lot of money staying in its banks. But the group is also using the money of ransoms for hostages and is mainly dealing lots of oil. However this wealth is not the only reason of its strength. The problem is that we do not know accurately the allies or supporters of the Islamic State. As a consequence we do not know exactly the men that the organization has in its ranks.
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