The Islamic State Of Islam

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• A terrorist is a person who frightens other people especially as a political weapon with an aim of demoralizing the government by terror. The aim is to create a political, religious or ideological terror. • A Jihadist refers to a person whose belief is that the Islamic state governing the Muslims must be created and that if this is violated then there is a violent conflict. • A Fundamentalist is a person who believes in the strict interpretation of principles related to religion and in tolerates other views related to secularism. • Al-Qaeda is a term derived from the Arabic language meaning the foundation. It is a group of Muslims who follow Wahhabism and Islamic principles and Islamic leaders who should be replaced. • ISIS stands for…show more content…
At this time, President Ronald Reagan was among those people who were injured in an attempt assassination of Hinkley. (Cann, 2006) On 16 May 1986 in Cokeville, Wyoming, there was a terror attack where two people were killed and 79 people were injured. At this time, two Aryan Nation members took 150 students and teachers hostage at a school. Then there were accidental explodes of bombs where one terrorist was killed and many children were injured. Then another terrorist committed suicide out of this incidence. Question 5: Terrorist attacks 1990-2000 On 27 July 1996 in the town of Atlanta, Georgia, there was a terror attack where two people were killed and 110 were injured. This occurred after a pipe bomb explodes at night concert at Summer Olympic Games. Of the two people who died, one of the victims died out of heart attack. On 20 April 1999 in Littleton, Colorado, there was a terror attack where 15 people died and 27 people got injured. In this attack, there was a serious shooting at the Columbine High School by two students. Among those who died, 12 were students and one teacher. Then the two gunmen committed suicide by shooting themselves. (Smith, 2003) Question 6: Terrorists tactics, goals and strategies Tactics used by terrorists include the following: a) Suicide attacks- this is where the attacker on a mission to cause an attack does not expect to survive. In order for the attack to succeed the attacker must perish. The attacker uses methods like planting
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