The Islamic State 's Online Onslaught Essay

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Today we live in an era where multitudes of information are at our fingertips. While the majority of this information is useful, there is also harmful material online. Many people within our government and policy makers have dreaded the day that terrorist will use the internet to their advantage. Unfortunately, that day is upon us. The Islamic State terrorists are releasing propaganda videos, using chats rooms to recruit followers, and asking people to answer their radical interpretation of Islam, in which they attack the United States from within the borders. The Islamic State are using the internet and social media to their advantage, reaching millions of people. While some individuals just view this content, others answer this call and carry out attacks on our homeland. President Johnson, you should implement the recommend policy censorship of Islamic State material via online, to include chat rooms, websites, and social media profiles in support of this group. With this new strategy, this will counter the efforts of the Islamic State’s online onslaught. This will aid in the current situation, but also any future issues with terrorist organizations as well. Within this directive will have to answer the following:
• Express indisputable justification for content-based measures.
• Determine when the U.S. government would request a company to implement
• Aid social media companies in using content-based measures against terrorist and extremist communications
• Consequences

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