The Islamic Teachings Of The Quran

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Throughout history religions and human cultures have relied on specific symbols in order to relate to spiritual signs. In the Quranic language the meanings of the expressions are symbolic and allegory so people can grasp many perceptions and use their imagination. Some Quranic verses have literal meaning that are explicit and tangible, others are intangible and contain implicit meanings. Since only Allah knows the absolute meanings of verses, interpretations can only attempt to define inner meaning of symbolical expressions. Some scholarly interrogations rely first on other Quranic verses, second on the Hadith which is the sayings of the prophet Mohammad and third, the prophet’s companions’ sayings. Many scholars have used the early interpretations to discuss the meanings in the Quran and to interpret new ones. There are a variety of symbols in the Quran such as, the moon, the sun, the fig, the sea..etc. One of the symbols used that have fascinated Muslims is the way the light is described in the Quran. In the Islamic teachings, the Quran is the divine source of guidance thus, the light’s symbolic meaning and its relation to the other symbols are shifted depending on the context. Light has always been seen as a cure for darkness in a physical and spiritual sense. Thus, this paper’s topic will analyze the light verse which expresses the symbolic meanings of the light, and how humans can be guided to light in this life. The Quran’s rich analogy and symbolism can be…
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