The Islamic Terrorist Organization Al Shabaab

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Deviance has No Boundary Kha’Lin Wilson-Meeks Wright State University Terrorism has been a tactic used by humans since the beginning of time. The willingness and desire to use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political change has only increased as time progressed. International Terrorist groups have evolved in tactics, inhumanity, and deviance, one of the up and coming groups that have carried out alike threats and attacks is the Somali terrorist organization Al Shabaab. This paper will cover an organization an organizational overview and accounts of their strategies, tactics. The conclusion of this paper will provide will provide an assessment of the current situation and threat level while providing recommendations for counter terrorism policies in the us. In 1969, General Mohamed Siad Barre carried out a military coup that made him president of the state that had recently won its independence nine years earlier. Some of Barre 's aged tactics for dealing with Somalia 's fledgling Islamist movements pushed the groups and gave them momentum. When Muslim leaders denounced reform of Somali family law, Barre executed ten prominent scholars and prosecuted hundreds more to asset his authority and to diminish the hopes of any others that might’ve felt the same. In response, "underground organizations proliferated in every region in defiance of the faith against the 'Godless socialists,” (Abdurahman M. Abdullahi.) Barre ruled for more than
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