The Islamic View On Self Harm And Suicide Attacks

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There is no issue in this contemporary world that is more misinterpreted than that of Islam and its views on terrorism and violence. If suicide and self harm are forbidden in Islam, why do Islamic terrorists conduct and take part in suicide bombings? Fighting in a war in a way is suicide because the fighter knows that he or she may be killed. If suicide and self harm are sins in Islam, why are "jihad" and war not sins? There are many approaches that can be taken to clarify these misinterpretations and controversial questions, one of them being self-harm and suicide. The Islamic view on self-harm and suicide is important to understand because this view efficiently eliminates the stereotypes that Islam is unfortunately associated with, promotes diversity and creates religious tolerance. The Qur 'an 's words have been tossed and turned to fit people 's ideas of what they think Islam is. Critics often pick out certain parts of verses in the Qur 'an to get their negative points across but, they dismiss the context that they extracted the verse from, which in most cases is the most important element of the verse. A worn-out example of this is the confusion associated with the term "jihad". Those who have no knowledge of the actual definition of the term claim that it means "war". The term "jihad" can simply be defined as "struggle." This example proves that Islam does not focus on violence and aggression, instead it focuses on peace and tranquility but the world perceives even

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