The Island Country Of Sri Lanka

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The island country of Sri Lanka was engaged in a civil war for more than 25 years. The most basic reason is the conflict that arose between the Sinhalese and Tamil citizens, but it’s more than that. In 1948 Sri Lanka gained its independence from Great Britain. Before independence was gained, the island was dominated by the Sinhalese speakers, which were deemed to be on the island since 500s BCE. Also, there were mostly Buddhist Sinhalese, three million of them, and about 300,000 Hindu Tamils. Sri Lankan people seem to have been in contact with Tamil speakers from southern India since at least the second century BCE, but large amounts of Tamils started to appear in Sri Lanka between the seventh and eleventh centuries. When the island was first colonized by Britain, large plantations were settled on the island eventually being used for the production of tea and rubber. After the foundation of the cash crop plantations, approximately one million Tamil speakers from southern India were taken for plantation usage, using them as workers. That only led fuel to the flame of the cultural battles between the Sinhalese and Tamil peoples. Another thing that added to the hatred was that Tamil people were mainly preferred in the bureaucratic sense of the schools that British officials created. This was a common tactic of European rule and left the nations in turmoil after they gained independence.
Sri Lanka was granted independence February fourth 1948 from Britain and the Sinhalese…

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