The Island Is Small, The North Shore Is Part Of A Huge Project Coming Up

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Although Staten Island is small, the North Shore is part of a huge project coming up. Next to the Saint George Terminal, Richard Marin is looking to create the Empire Outlets, and the New York Wheel, a 630 foot tall Ferris wheel. When Marin started discussing the development project, he already had nearly 200 million dollars set, however, still needed to work out how he was going to get the other 300 million dollars (Hughes, 2015). An article in the New York Post, written by Associated Press (2014), explains that the main goal of this reconstruction is to make Staten Island a place for tourism. The article discusses the fact that millions of people ride the ferry, which is already a main tourist attraction. However, the tourist are not spending any money or time on the Island because they are all going into Manhattan. The goal of the ferris wheel and the shopping complex being created, is to keep tourist occupied during their stay (Press, 2014). Although Staten Island is already over populated and bringing in more people will have the area feeling congested, this is an ideal way of employing hundreds of people. The New York City Economic Development Corporation, states that this project is expecting to create at least four hundred construction jobs and four hundred permanent jobs, ultimately helping the economy grow. Not only is this attraction for the two million tourist who ride the ferry every year, it will be a place for people from Staten Island and New Jersey to…
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