The Island Of Florida

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I have recently been left an island off the coast of Florida. My Uncle Bob passed away and gave this island to be to do with it whatever I felt needed to be done. This island is 125 miles by 125 miles in dimension. The name that has been chosen for this island is Buccaneer Bay. This island needs a government established in order for people to take up residency on Buccaneer Bay. Bob left additional money to build any necessary facilities to help get the island up and running. First of all, I live in a small community in North Carolina. Many of the reasons for choosing the types of governments to establish for Buccaneer Bay is due to my experiences I have had with the local governments near me. I feel that the governments around me run smoothly and are balanced. There are always small problems, but for the most part Davidson County, North Carolina is a good place to live. There will be four counties on this island. The counties will be names Welcome, High Town, Columbia, and Charlotte. These counties will have the Traditional County Commission Structure. The counties on Buccaneer Bay will be governed by their respective county managers and county commissioners. This government will allow for no one person to have more power than the other. This type of government was chosen because Buccaneer Bay will most likely have lots of retired or semi-retired couples. This type of government will allow for the commissioners to be part time and there will not have to be
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