The Island Of Jamaica, Jamaica

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For our travel report project I chose the island of Jamaica, a place that I have been longing to visit for quite sometime. Jamaica is an island that is a part of the Greater Antilles located 90 miles south of Cuba and 100 miles west of Haiti. The island has an area of 4,243 square miles and a 635-mile coastline. This beautiful island is covered in rugged mountains, with some being volcanic, and has its highest peak on Blue Mountain at 7,401 feet! (Briney) As of July 2014 the population of Jamaica is 2,930,050 people, which is completely understandable considering its awesome climate! The island’s climate varies depending on your location on the island. On the coast the temperatures tend to be tropical, hot and humid, but more temperate inland. The capital of the island, Kingston, has average July high temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit and January average low temperatures of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. (Briney) The first inhabitants of Jamaica were the Arawaks who were from South America. Later on, in 1494, Christopher Columbus was the first European to explore the island. In 1510, decedents from Spain began to settle in. After the Europeans began to settle, they brought war and disease to the island and this greatly affected the Arawaks and eventually they died off. The British arrived in 1655 and took Jamaica from Spain. Then, in 1670 Britain took full formal control of Jamaica. Near the 1930s, Jamaica began to gain its independence from Britain and in 1944 it had its
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