The Isolation And Identification Of An Unknown Bacteria

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Sam Afflu
Section H1
Microbiology 680 390

Lab Report 2: The Isolation and Identification of an Unknown Bacteria

This laboratory experiment’s objective was to take a pure culture and isolate it from a mixed culture. The other part of the objective was to ascertain what species of bacteria that the pure culture was. The hypothesis made stated that so long as lab protocol was followed, the unidentified culture would be positively recognized/identified. An isolated pure colony of the unknown culture was obtained using the quadrant streak plate method. Afterward, the culture was Gram stained, and the results showed that it was Gram positive. Motility tests were done on the unknown using a filter paper bridge on a petri dish that contained TTC with agar. The unknown was revealed to not be motile, which meant that it did not possess flagella. The last test done was to learn the metabolic capabilities of the unknown bacteria. There were tests done for citrate utilization, the mixed fermentation pathway, catalase presence, carbohydrate fermentation in mannitol, lactose and glucose, urease production and the butanediol fermentation pathway in order to better identify the unknown bacteria. The results from each of the metabolic tests in conjunction with the motility and Gram staining tests were ultimately compared to results from database containing many different kinds of results from various bacteria. The unknown from the mixed culture was identified as Staphylococcus
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