The Israel Defense Force ( Idf )

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In 2005, the Israeli government tasked the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to clear Israeli settlements in Gaza as part of a disengagement strategy. The 8,500 settlers first occupied the area at the end of the Six Day War in 1967 and created a robust community and economy within the territory. Tasked with moving the settlers, IDF Brigadier General Gershon Hacohen faced a challenging and complicated task to remove the settlers from their homes peacefully. Hacohen’s critical-thinking process faced tremendous challenges in an emotionally charged situation. The two Elements of Thought that posed the greatest challenge to his critical thinking were “Points of View” and “Implications and Consequences” of his thought processes throughout the operation.
Point of View “Point of View” describes the various references, perspectives, and experiences affecting critical thinking. To think critically about a problem and create potential solutions, a person must understand personal views, other alternative perspectives, and irregularities or falsehoods within both. Hacohen faced two potentially irreconcilable points of view in his mission: the perspectives of the settlers and the Israeli government. The IDF and the settlers both believed they were acting in Israel’s best interest, but through different perspectives. One of Hacohen’s greatest challenges was understanding these different perspectives to create a solution.
The settlers believed the land rightfully belonged to them for
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