The Israeli and Palestinian Gaza Conflict Essay

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Broad international consensus regarding the political and legal controversies of the Israeli and Palestinian Gaza conflict has been minimal at best. At its worst it has fueled the controversies created by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission, through which, both sides maintain their positions and justification for their actions. In ordered to obtain an opinion on this issue one must examine the factual historical background of the Gaza Conflict. By identifying the major legal and political discrepancies, observing the perspectives of those who defend Israeli actions, and those who have a strong critique against those actions we can grasp the complexity of this issue and make an assessment of actions on both sides. In 2005 Israel…show more content…
International outcry caused the creation of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. This conflict has brought about legal and political controversies pertaining to the use of force, obligations of Palestinian and Israeli forces to use precaution pertaining to civilian population and infrastructure, illegality of the blockade, and human rights abuses by Israeli defense forces which still elude full resolution and clarity. Based on the United Nations Fact Finding Missions on the Gaza Conflict (aka the Goldstone Report) defenders of Israeli actions such as Golda Begin would start by arguing that the fact finding mission came in with pre-conceived biases against Israel. Alan Dershowitz believes the fact finding mission is “far more accusatory of Israeli actions, far less balanced in its criticism of Hamas, far less honest in its evaluation of evidence, far less responsible in drawing its conclusions, far more biased against Israeli than Palestinian witnesses, and far more willing to draw adverse inferences of intentionally from Israeli conduct and statements than from comparable Palestinian conduct and statements.” (Dershowitz, pg.1) A common theme in the report is the accusation that Israel instituted military policies which led to the intentional death of Palestinian civilians. Dershowitz believes that this is the reason the Goldstone Report chose to ignore
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