The Israelites Out Of Egypt

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For this assignment I have chosen to analyze the section from Exodus where G-d approaches Moses about leading the Israelites out of Egypt. I found this interesting as it begins the tale of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt; one can argue that this was one of the most seminal and inspiring events in all of human history. In Exodus 3, 1-15 G-d chooses and recruits Moses to lead the Exodus. Moses’ leadership provided the inspiration for freedom seekers for generations; yet Moses questions his ability to carry out this task. In this paper I will explore the interactions between G-d and Moses when Moses is persuaded to assume this leadership role.
Section 3. 1 begins with Now, Moses tending his flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian).Why is important for the Tanakh to tell us Moses’ profession and his employer? I can think of the following explanations, the role of a shepherd. Being a shepherd is an important role yet It is even more impressive because Moses performed this function for a priest. It shows that Moses was responsible because a shepherd is responsible for sheep which were likely major financial assets for their owners. A symbol of things to come. Could Moses’ role as a shepherd foreshadow how Moses would later be responsible for all those for which he was responsible? Shows the G-d’s power. Though being a shepherd is important, it does not involve speaking and leading people. This could mean that we are being shown G-d’s powers because with…
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