The Israelites With The Exodus

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Liberation Theologian, Gustavo Gutiérrez linked creation with the exodus as one continual event to explain God’s salvific nature. The link reveals God’s continual involvement in human history, not a God outside of human history. Gutiérrez argues that God sets the Israelites free from their oppression because God desires a more just world. Similarly, James Cone links God’s election of the Israelites with the exodus to explain liberation from oppression. According to Cone the link between election and the exodus is inseparable and serves as a major consideration in Cone’s definition of theology. Cone argues God continues active involvement in human history through the prophets in the Old Testament. The major difference between Gutiérrez and…show more content…
Cone uses these terms significantly more than whiteness and blackness. “You have to be black with a knowledge of the history of this country, to know what America means to a black person” (13). This is part of the identity crisis non-white people experience in the United States, which Cone suggests is impossible for whites to completely understand. Rather than understanding the unique identity of black people, white people attempt to destroy the black identity through assimilation (14). What black theology means for black people is that God brings liberation from white oppressors (15). Cone does not use symbolic terminology like blackness or whiteness here, or if he does it remains masked. Cone speaks about the oppressors who have white skin and the oppressed as those with black skin. If Cone wanted to convey the idea that all the oppressed, even white people, experience the same identity crisis in the United States, Cone would have used the terms “blackness” and “whiteness.” Blackness and blacks are two very different concepts, as well as whiteness and whites. Cone is aware of these differences and intentionally uses the terminology of blacks and whites in certain places instead of blackness or whiteness. This suggests that Cone has reason to acknowledge that some white
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