The Israelites Worship And Prayer

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The Israelites worship and prayer can be divided into four different periods of time. The first period is associated with the patriarchs; the second describes Yahweh’s faith under Moses, the third from the temple of Solomon, and finally the period of exile. Temple worship was a key element in prayer for the Hebrews. The Book of Genesis mentions how Abraham built shrines near Hebron, and Ali. Abraham’s son, Isaac, worships at the same place and Jacob made a memorial with a stone for Yahweh. There were many ways of worship through the temple. Since there was no actual prove of his image, people created artworks of different divine images and shared them with each other to show their loyalty to Yahweh. At the temple, people would offer food, clothing to the statues of the God’s in the temple. Music was another way to show the love for Yahweh. Music uses lyrics to praise and bless Yahweh. It brings everyone together in the temple. Sacrifices were another way to promote the covenant. A sacrifice, as defined by Boadt, is the transference of property from the profane to the sacred realm. People living in Israel were farmers and herders so people tended to think of gifts for God in agricultural terms, livestock and crops, but the death of animals itself was not as important as its sacrifice of its life carrying blood. Sacrifices like these were seen as a sign of peace and loyalty, but could also be for a sin offering. People wanted Yahweh to forgive them for their mistakes and
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