The Issue About Child Soldiers

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How and why children are used in conflict
Ways in which their human rights are being abused

Child soldiers is a serious issue worldwide, there are about 300,000 children as young as nine years old involved in armed conflicts all around the globe today. This problem is most critical in Africa; however children are also used as soldiers in various Asian countries, parts of Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Children are used as child soldiers mostly by non government armed groups for many different reasons. Conditions are usually very harsh for the child soldiers and discipline is kept by brutal punishment. Life is very dangerous and characterized by a great amount of hard work in an environment that lack food, drinking water and no
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So they would have absolutely no understanding of the feelings of being loved and cared under the negative influence of the army, this also causes the children to be violent and cold blooded towards killing and to loose all the qualities a child should have such as happiness. The right to develop physically and mentally in a healthy manner was taken away from the child soldiers due to the poor conditions they are exposed in with no access to healthcare and dirty environment as well as been given insufficient amount of food this limits their growth as children at such a young age needs all the nutrition to grow and develop healthily. The physical torture and violence in their daily lives has damaging effects to their mental health causing possibilities of mental illness later on. Archbishop Desmond Tutu thinks that the use of children as children as soldiers is unacceptable. He thinks this because he believes it is immoral that adult should want children to fight their war for them and that there is simply no excuse no acceptable argument for arming children. His viewpoint has been shaped by his Christian humanitarian worldview which believes that we should treat everyone as we wish to be treated and show care and compaction for fellow human and that everyone is equal before law and is entitled to basic
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