The Issue And Action Of Drugs

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War on drugs has been an issue in the United States for several years now. Being a college student at East Carolina University, I have met several people in the community and have witnessed a lot. As I continued to grow as an adult at East Carolina, I began to fully understand how serious of a problem drugs were. People see doing drugs as a way to fit in with others, using it for social purposes. After having friends go to the hospital or sadly, die from an overdose on drugs, I have decided to take action myself. It seems that the majority of the people today do not want to fully understand the consequences that come from drugs. Yes, they feel sympathy for those who have passed away from overdose or mixing drugs with other drugs but do not seem to change their ways any. We first as a community need to understand and accept the fact that drugs are a serious issue and action needs to take place. The solution to preventing people from getting their hands into addictive drugs and becoming addicted to them is for our community and law enforcement to collaborate and start a prevention agency. Firstly, it all starts with the children and I believe we should start trying to find a way to keep drugs away from them. We need them to understand at a young age that doing drugs is not something cool to do even though you may see it as a fun time like television shows and movies make it out to be. This is when parents and school systems should play a big role. They need to let kids know

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