The Issue Between Isis And Their Allies

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The issue between ISIS and their allies as well as the United States and their allies is a tough issue to master. Obviously, people want to see the most minimal amount of casualties as possible. On the other hand, the United States and their allies want to see this group of extremist stopped from their dangerous measures. Because of this feel of urgency when it comes to destroying these extremists, some think the fastest way is to send in an army, but yet they do not want casualties. The other issue that the United States has to face when dealing with this issue, is vengeance. ISIS and their allies have vowed to bring America and their allies to their knees, this is not something that American can take lightly. These groups have proven that they will fight to the death by using suicide bombers. Surrender for these extremists is not an option, because of that, negotiation is not an option for the United States. It seems that both extreme sides of the spectrum will not work. Because of this, the only way to really solve this problem is to meet in the middle. That is why the solution presented is the best option, it is in the middle of the two extremes, touching on strengths of both sides while leaving out the downsides that bother issues present. The Solution brings in troops, but only special forces as well as a minimal amount. It relies on negotiations, but negotiations between the United States and the countries surrounding Syria. In a article by CNN it is discussed if only
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