The Issue Of A Green Card

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Though having a green card is supposed to ensure that each immigrant woman will remain in the country, the issue is much more complicated than that. Woman who enter into a marriage and are given a green card are here because of that marriage. The decision and desire to leave marriages because of discomfort, fear or abuse, may be hindered due to an even greater fear of deportation. For depend spouses here on H-4 visas, the aid afforded to American citizens is not offered to them (Balgamwalla, 2014) These women cannot work, and they are forced to rely on their husbands. Imagine a scenario where a woman in a third world country marries an American citizen; he brings her over, she’s given a visa and cannot work. Her husband promises to take care of her, but the situation slowly starts to escalate. He promises that he will stop hurting her when she becomes pregnant, and the abuse stops after a while. Shortly after her child is born, the abuse begins again. She wants to divorce her husband but he reminders that, if she does, she will lose her visa. She would have to return to her home country and leave her child behind. This fear causes her to stay in this abusive relationship, under the control of her husband. Though this scenario may seem far-fetched, it is a reality for women who are here through visa programs. Several programs, such as the H-4 visa program are not tracked based on demographic, as other visa programs in the US are. The act of entering into a H-4 requires
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