The Issue Of A Sanctuary City

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With important issues occurring every hour these days, more questions are being asked with them. One of those issues is Sanctuary Cities. A Sanctuary city is a city in which State and Local government do not follow immigration policy and do not actively seek and deport undocumented immigrants. Some could find that this Local policy hurts all Americans. Some could find this a moral obligation as a citizen of the United States. But by any means this topics has major implications to President Trumps policies and Federalism. And with these cities becoming more mainstream, question are becoming more relevant to other parts of government. There are direct effects on issues like cities health program, fight against opioids, and other local…show more content…
This case relates directly to my question because it calls into question the State police power. Performing background checks of gun purchasers falls under the state 's powers but the State cannot be forced to perform background checks by the Federal government. The Federal government can’t coerce the states into following policy, they can only encourage the states to follow policy. So with the violation of the constitution obvious, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Printz. So in the question “Do State and Local government have the power to claim a city to be a ‘Sanctuary City” and pass policy to do so?” we can conclude that State and Local governments can introduce this policy because the police power belongs solely to the State governments. So if we can assume that if Federalism is followed then the State powers would be prevail. Even though Printz vs The united states is similar, Arizona vs The United States can relate to Sanctuary Cities better. Arizona vs The United States is a case in which the State of Arizona attempted to extend their powers of immigration law by passing S.B 1070. The bill had four previsions that questioned the bill 's constitutionality. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the national government for the of the provisions because of federal preemption. And for the four provision the

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