The Issue Of Abortion And Women 's Rights Essay

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The topic of abortion has been particularly controversial throughout the 2016 election. One of the main focuses of Hilary’s campaign was on the side of supporting abortion rights [4] and therefore the rights of women in America. On the other hand, Trump has made some conflicting arguments. In the past Donald Trump has been strictly pro-choice, but during his election he was anti-abortion. A Supreme Court ruling just this past summer turned back restrictions on abortion laws in Texas [4], devastating those who are anti-abortion and exciting those who are pro-choice for change moving forward. [3] Now, with Donald Trump as President, people are wondering what side he will take on this issue and where the fate of abortion and women’s rights will lie in this country. However, should Donald Trump have anything to say about Women’s Rights with the way he has run his election? Trump has been called out countless times on his objectification of women and sexist comments, so why would he care about women’s rights as president? Not all cases of abortion are morally equivalent. Being extreme conservative or liberal, like Trump and Hilary respectively, on the issue of abortion negates relevant factors in determining if an abortion is right or wrong. For example, there are the circumstances of the pregnancy (rape of violence), if the pregnancy was voluntary or involuntary, financial circumstances, family environment, health of the mother or fetus, stage of pregnancy, religious
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