The Issue Of Act Of Service

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o We have been looking the issue of ‘acts of service’. Acts of service (helping others) are needed in our local community because some people need support within the community like financial struggles and people who can’t afford things for them self’s or their children they desperately need and people within the community are being friendly, generous, kind hearted and considerate by donating money for the struggling family or toys for the children.

o There are people suffering in our community. For example the poor that have to sleep outside in the rain and the cold and could also die from starvation and lack of nutrition and protein they need to stay alive.

o We should help them because that what god wants us to
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o Christians help other because God has changes the hearts of believers of god and the believers long to see the Holy Christ through their display, and craves to help others in need.

o Jews help others because of Tzedakah which means giving to the poor and Tzedakah is the highest of all commandments in Judaism. And helping others is a duty of Judaism. The Jewish community are among the most generous people to give to charity to help support the poor. The Jewish community have no levels of giving to much charity and it believed to be a good way to serve the holy Christ.

o Muslims help other because of the four pillars which are SHAHADA which means the creed the creed of SHAHDA means that “there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. And SALAT which means prayer which is a ritual that is preformed five timed a day. And SAWN which means fasting which means to abstain from drinking and eating during daylight hours. And HAJJ which means pilgrimage which means a pilgrimage to Mecca and every adult is supposed to make at least once in his/ or her life time. And ZAKAT which means tax in Islam, ZAKAT is used to purify the wealth of Muslims has left, so no harm can come to them from donating and this pillar is the most important pillar of Islam because its donating to the community.

Part 2: Why do religious believers perform ‘acts of service’? How do these ‘acts of service’ benefit the
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