The Issue Of Adolescent Homosexuality

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In today’s society, it is very difficult for some teenagers to be who they truly are because of the risk of being ostracized and isolated by their peers. There are certain pressures and prejudices imposed by a predominately heterosexual society on homosexuals, and especially on homosexual teens, that can cause teenagers to suppress their preferences. These stereotypes can influence if a teen is willing to openly reveal their sexual identity and because society has become so absent- minded to the mannerisms commonly used to describe homosexuals such as "queer," "fag," and "dyke" and the offensive nature of these words/phrases, this project will help assist with opening the minds of my peers to help eliminate biases, stereotypes, and prejudices associated with being gay. There are several reasons why adolescent homosexuality needs to be addressed not only in schools but in the country as well. First of all, suicide rates among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students have increased over the years, bringing the total to up to 30 percent (the estimated 5,000) completed youth suicides annually, according to the CDC. Secondly, bullying in America continues to be a problem not only among youth but among adults as well. Finally, students need to be more open-minded about the sexuality of their peers and that sexuality extend further than a typical high school. I chose project because I have both family and friends who are homosexual and I find it
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