The Issue Of Affirmative Action

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On the contrary, supports of affirmative action feel that this law is still needed in America to help places of higher education have more diversity which will benefit companies in the long run and it also helps companies be more diverse and it helps them thrive. In the past few decades the number of minorities and females in places of higher education and companies have been rising at a slow rate. During 2012, the health care industry was suffering from lack of medical personal in the medical field; however, “16% of the U.S. population is Latino and 14% is African American, these groups constituted only 9% and 7%, respectively, of the total U.S. medical school enrollment in 2012 “(Graces, paragraph 2). The rate of minorities enrolled in medical school has been slowly rising over the years. Having minorities and females in a company helps the company be more diverse while also giving the company employees that can help the company thrive and be successful. Supporters feel that this law benefits people who usually would not have a chance of attending a place of higher education or be a part of a company an equal and fair chance. Supporters of affirmative action feel that it is positive discrimination and that it benefits places of higher education and companies not discriminate against females and minorities. A significant, amount of court cases have been brought up to the Supreme Court dealing with affirmative action. One important court case that deals with affirmative

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