The Issue Of African Americans

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I am pleased to be here with you today to discuss one of the fundamental foundations of disunity in the world and to pose the question Can we overcome racism? The case study I will refer to is the position of African Americans in the United States.

The construct of race is one that is deeply engrained in every inhabited corner of the world. In this room today we can identify characteristics suggesting Asian, Scandinavian and South American descent – and I’m not being racist when I say that these differing characteristics have a real biological basis grounded on scientific evidence that shows these differences are historically recent, abundant and regional (REF). Unfortunately, the historical evidence and current affairs demonstrates that the differences have led to discrimination that in many cases has developed into a hatred that has nothing to do with the biological evolution that has resulted in racial distinction (REF). We are all probably aware that the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 60’s challenged the long term mistreatment of African Americans across the United States and subsequently saw huge reform in equal-rights legislation during the Reconstruction period (REF). But, while the law promotes equality and prohibits racial discrimination, why, still, in 2015, do we continue to witness it everywhere? Today, I will be discussing the differences between race and racism, analysing discrimination in American society (arguably the most advanced developed
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