The Issue Of Age Discrimination

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WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT UNIT 6 INTRODUCTION From time in history, debate over what age one should be employed and at what age one should retire from working has always been divisive to say the least. Consequently, the debate of how employers should treat applicants and employee already on duty has sparked a debate from West to East, and North to South of the globe. Legislation is enacted to enforce equality and non-discrimination of older people in employment. Consciously, the globe is going through a massive revolution in the employment industry that is reducing the power of the employer to accepting the principle of popular legislation around the world in favor of non-discrimination in employment. That being said, I have critically analyze the subject of discrimination of age in employment, assembling different legislation from countries, and observing how this legislation work to accomplished their goal. Finally, this research work is dedicated to every employee all over the world including those who have been unjustly removed from their employment through discrimination. • Consider the topic of age discrimination. Age is an avenue which many organizations and other corporate body considers critically when accepting application, whether for a senior managerial position or a lower position to fill. Statistically, groups that are marginalized have claimed that age is in number and that age should not be a subject of consideration when
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