The Issue Of Animal Cruelty

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All beings, “things”, and properties of life have a sole function and reason to be in existence. Everything must have an ends to itself rather than a means to another ends (Aristotle, 617-636). Aristotle examines the idea of function and purposefulness within the ten books of Nicomachean Ethics. Finding this ends to itself is how one can achieve the ultimate happiness. Aristotle discovers that if everything has an ends to itself, man too, must have an end. What does being a “person” really mean, and who is eligible to classify themselves as a “person”? How can one distinctively be told apart from an intellectual animal? Aristotle’s pinpointing the function and purpose of man, can directly relate to Mary Midgley’s article Persons and Non-Persons. Midgley’s article speaks about the issue of animal cruelty. The case of harming a dolphin and eventually becoming self-destructing is the main focus of the article. The researcher decided to set the dolphins free into the water, creating an even more dangerous environment for a lethargic, self-destructing dolphin. Both sources focus on the idea of the defining feature of man, and questions what is it that makes us human? Society is constantly abusing the idea of human superiority. Although humans have a distinctive feature, what gives one the right to be cruel to the other beings of the world, no matter what their function or their purpose in the world is? One must be careful not to abuse their power. One must use their practical and
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