The Issue Of Canada Legalized Same Sex Marriage

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A rainbow flag raised outside the old Student Union Building by the Pride Collective was discovered burnt during University of British Columbia’s OUTweek. OUTweek is an annual event that the Pride Collective constructs in order to celebrate and show support to gay community. The Pride Collective and the university responded immediately to this incident by making statements of condemnation. Although most of the scheduled events were held successfully, Fuck the Cis-tem March was cancelled due to consideration of protecting individuals that could be potentially harmed. In one of the best universities in the country where open-minded education is performed, it is appalling to see such extreme behavior. Thus, in my opinion, Canada is less open to non-heterosexual community than we thought.
Canada legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2005, which was 10 years earlier than the United State, one of the most liberal countries in the world. In theory, Canada should have achieved a status where gay identities and activities are extensively accepted, which, in Ghaziani’s words, is an era of post-gay (Ghaziani, 2011). According to Warner, the term post-gay refers to defining oneself by more than his or her sexuality, detaching gayness with struggle, and embracing sexually diverse company (Warner, 1999). There are two positions regarding the question “are Canadians post gay.” One group of people think that sexuality is still a significant blockade to success and young people still

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