The Issue Of Child Soldiers

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Imagine being terrorized and forced into an army at the young age of 9. You had no place to go anyway, for the people in the army killed your parents to abduct you. You are forced to fight for them, even if you don’t want to. You cannot escape since they would possibly kill you if you were caught, and you can’t even share that information, they could kill you for knowing so much about punishment. One day, you are in the battlefield and you kill an American soldier since you were forced to kill. Suddenly, you are captured by the US government and taken into jail. Many think you are the perpetrator, but others think that you deserve amnesty. Child soldiers have become a widely debated topic as armed forces continue to use them. Many think that they deserve to be given a second chance, but others think that they should be taken to jail for the deaths they were forced to create. Overall, child soldiers are victims that deserve amnesty because they are easily manipulated, they are terrorized into staying, and a specific child soldier, Omar Khadr, has been put on a biased trial against him. Child soldiers should be thought of as victims and should be given amnesty. Firstly, child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are easily manipulated by armed forces. When they are still young, child soldiers follow anything they are told to do. For example, they aren’t as afraid as adult soldiers and they don’t care about being paid. The article “Armed & Underage” by Jeffrey…

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