The Issue Of Church And Taxes

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Church and Taxes
The history of taxes and the church started with the common law. At first, the common law did not grant tax exclusions to church properties. First, it only applied to certain types of properties like incorporated established churches that were for religious uses. The prevailing common law says treated religion as an affair of law and the church as an agency of the state. Equity courts tax-exempt status: “In step with the common-law courts, equity courts viewed church property as presumptively taxable, unless, as was the case at common law, they had been exempted by statute. But where the common-law courts granted exemptions for religious uses, courts of equity exempted church property on the broader theory based on the
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A functioning church should not” (Boston 41). If the church is considered to be historic and functions mainly as a museum, not a church, it can qualify for taxpayers’ money to pay for repairs to their buildings.
This article talks about how churches can be allowed to participate in politics if the pay taxes. Churches say their first amendment is in violation because they are not allowed to participate in politics and elections. A law professor at a Catholic law school in Florida named W. Edward Afield III: “He has an idea for a new tax on charities that could be a path out of the polemical morass. He describes it all in the Nevada Law Review. His basic idea is to lift the ban on politicking for churches (and any other charities) that agree to pay tax on their incomes” (Collins N. pag.). The churches should be allowed to participate in politics if they agree to pay their own income taxes. If a church is paying taxes, no one can disagree that it is being endowed by the government. If a church can preach about politics and elections without fear of government intervention, then no one can say that the first amendment rights of speech and rights of religion had been violated.
This article address whether the church should be allowed to
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