The Issue Of Climate Change

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If one were to ever ask, “What’s the biggest issue that humanity is facing right now,” there would be one clear answer. The answer would be the issue that affects everyone in the planet, leaving no area untouched. It would be the one that is destroying the Earth’s limited resources, from removal the green forests to the tainting of the clear skies and the crystal arctic ice. It would be the issue that’s killing wildlife, making storms more intense, heating the planet’s surface, and most importantly, it would be the one that is currently escalating, with no end in sight. That issue, that grievous perpetual one, is the issue of climate change. Climate change is the one issue that is at the highest of importance right now because its effects range the widest and cut the deepest. Climate change is caused nearly completely by humans. This is mostly through the release of greenhouse gases, which warm the environment. Humans release greenhouse gases in various ways, from high industrial emissions to wildlife farming. Humans also further affect the environment through deforestation and further destruction of natural environments. Despite these clear causes of environmental impacts, some argue that humans are not the cause of these changes in the climate. Rather, they say that these climate changes are caused by natural cycles. However, these claims are short-sighted, for such cycles are not nearly substantial enough to cause the effects that are visible today. Due to increased
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