The Issue Of Commercial Sex

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“Commercial sex is demeaning only when an intolerant and puritanical society defines it to be so, and makes it a crime…” writes Hugh Loebner in the “Magna Carta for Sex Work”. It seems as though all work is depicted as something that is gratifying. But, this is only the case when the person doing the work is working a respectable job, such as a job in the medicine or finance. These jobs require men and women to be dressed accordingly and to act accordingly to create a sense of professionalism when interacting with customers and or other colleagues. While the jobs in these advanced fields are essential to the progression of the United States, jobs in the sex industry are important as well, if not equally as important. Nevertheless, those working in the sex industry have been denied basic human and reproductive rights because they participate in a trade that is believed to be “immoral” or “impure”. These ideas of morality and purity are ones that have been shaped by oppressive principles such as sexism and misogyny and they pervade the minds of millions today. Because of this, prostitution and its legalization has become such a complex issue. But in reality, why is the issue so “complex”? The denial of human rights is inarguably unlawful and should be taken into consideration by not only those responsible for the law, but by every member of society. No humans’ rights should be violated due to occupation, trade, or calling, and this includes prostitution. Professors Paul R.…
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