The Issue Of Credit Cards

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Ever since man first walked on earth, goods and services were traded throughout the world. Individuals needed a way to buy these goods and services. Before the “Apple Pay”, “Samsung Pay”, and all the other new technological advancements, “there were goods and services, bartering, animals, food, exchange and agreements for work”(Yahoo). As time went by, we started to see the evolution of the coins which lead to the invention of the paper currency or cash. With the advancement in paper currency, individuals needed a place to store the large amounts of money while also keeping their money safe from harm. This caused the establishment of banks all around the world. These banks weren’t that safe as it is today, but what other choice did individuals have in protecting their money. As time went on, individuals needed a way to get money fast and stress free. Credit cards came in as a solution to that problem. On the positive side, credit cards are a way for individuals to keep their money safe; the advancement in technology helps credit cards become more and more intelligent and safe, and they prevent the individuals from losing their cash or having it stolen. But on the negative side, technology has its dangers that make the utilization of credit cards problematic, such as: careless spending, theft, and scams are some of the ways individuals lose money or land in credit card debt. Finally, the individual must decide if the use of a credit cards and its benefits is damaged by the
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