The Issue Of Crimes Committed By Gang Affiliates Is A Topic

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The issue of crimes committed by gang affiliates is a topic that involves criminal investigations. Investigators have to respond to crime scenes that involve shootings and homicides. In a crime scene, there are specific guidelines that police need to follow to begin the investigation. The guidelines mentioned in the Criminal Investigations Principles Book include: “Approach, Safety, Medical Attention, and Search for Witnesses, Broadcast Alarm, Scene Boundaries, Management Notification, Media Relations, and Officer-in-Charge” (43). These guidelines are important for how police officers respond to a crime scene in order to gather as much evidence and information as possible. Gang violence amongst youth has been an ongoing problem in the city…show more content…
Gangs often get involved in drug deals that lead to violence and territory fights. These fights lead to shootings, murder, and further violence. Deadly shootings have gotten out of control amongst the gangs, in the past two years, making it difficult for police to do their job and protect the innocent people living in the city. There has been a deadly pattern of shootings occurring every weekend at the most common areas known for gang activity, in Santa Ana. In 2016, the shootings were seen daily and were occurring continuously due to the limited amount of police presence in the streets. Alma Frausto of the Orange County Register reported that in February of 2016 there were 55 shootings in 50 days in Santa Ana. Fausto interviewed Police Chief, Carlos Rojas, who said, "We 're seeing more gang activity now, and I think a lot of that has to do with gang members being released into the community and more of a soft-on-crime approach”. Santa Ana will continue to see more gang-related shootings because of the gang members being released and because they
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