The Issue Of Criminal Law

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Criminal Justice

The topics I am going to use are
Criminal Law: It tells about the history, details and the reason that why we need to have some criminal law or laws and why there are so many different laws for different kind of criminals?
Probation: Probation is chance to live in your own community by obeying some rules we will discuss what is the history of probation and what kind of importance does it have for society
The job for probation and parole officers: It describes what kind of job do these officers have and what rules and responsibilities they have to follow.

Criminal Law: I have chosen the topic criminal law because it seems to be interesting to know how and why so many laws formed and what the history of these laws is. It would be interesting to know the reasons behind categorizing these laws and the up gradation in these laws. Apparently a criminal is criminal irrespective of small crime or bigger crime but there must be some difference and that would be interesting to know that how small or big the difference could be.

The present law is the result of a long development of legal philosophies. Regulations standardize relationships between people and gatherings. The laws of our realm are found in constitutional provisions and legal representations as well as in centuries of declarations by the court of law at all levels.

The five categories of violations of the criminal law are:
Felonies, Misdemeanors,
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