The Issue Of Cyber Bullying

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As children born into a digital generation we’ve become heavily reliant on forms of technology to aid us through our day-to-day lives. Children today are seeking platforms of social media as a medium of communication amongst their peers. In 2013 the Australian Communications and Media Authority “current statistics describe the use of social networking at 88% for 12-13 year old, 97% for 14-15 year olds and 99% for 16-17 year olds” (ACMA, 2013). Which is particularly high as these children are still students and are face to face with peers and friends daily so their internet use would be most prominent whilst at home. With such frequent activity and easily accessible Internet access problems are bound to arise which is how the issue of cyber bullying is born. The definition of “Cyber Bullying is the act of using the Internet, mobile phones, video games, or other technology gadgets to send, text, or post images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.” (Friendlyschools 2015).
The case study topic of cyberbullying serves great relevance with a number of factors that are detrimental to the human dignity of both the perpetrator and victim. An examination of Perspective 2 “As cyberbullying is most harmful to those who already have a low self-image, the answer lies in raising the resilience of those most vulnerable. In this way, they can better respond to experiences of cyberbullying and build their sense of self-worth in the process.” (ACU 2014) will be supported with

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