The Issue Of Cyber Crimes Essay

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Jurisdiction is one of the main issues on account of cyber crimes because of the extremely inclusive nature of the cyber crimes. With the constantly developing arm of the internet the territorial concept appears to vanish. New Methods for resolution of dispute should offer route to the traditional techniques. Accordingly, the Information Technology Act, 2000 is quiet on these issues. In spite of the fact that S. 75 accommodates extra territorial operations of this law, yet they could be significant just when supported with provisions which recognizes orders and warrants for Information issued by capable authorities outside their purview and measure for cooperation’s for trade of material and evidences of cyber violations between law implementation organizations. Normally the jurisdiction of a court is identified with the place where the offense is committed. This depends on the English common law position that all crimes committed are local and ought to be tried just by the courts which have the jurisdiction over the matter and where the crime has been committed. When there is a confusion with regards to the local area which any crime took place, the courts, inside whose purview even a part of the offense was submitted, is given the jurisdiction to try the matter. Ques.2 Explain briefly the classification of cyber crimes in India? Ans.2 The subject of cyber crime may be broadly classified firstly as under the following three groups. 1. Against Individuals a. their

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