The Issue Of Disrespect At The Workplace, By An Examination Of The Impacting Forces

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Respect is a human need that we all value and require in our personal relationships. Yet, in some workplaces, respect is akin to a foreign word with insignificant meaning or value. Research has shown that a lack of respect and autonomy over work functions leads to a corporate culture that stifles innovation and primes feelings of distrust and anxiety in the workplace (Hibberd & Smith, 2006, pp. 556-557). This paper will first discuss the issue of disrespect in the workplace, followed by an examination of the impacting forces. Then, organizational priority will be determined, with a subsequent in-depth discussion of the proposed management plan. Next, the required resources to implement the plan will be outlined, and evaluation and feedback measures will be reviewed. Finally, the plan, implications, and effects will be assessed and concluding remarks will be provided. The Issue Prior to returning to school to becoming a Registered Practical Nurse, I worked for a short period of time as a member of the Housekeeping Department at Guelph General Hospital. Unfortunately, this was generally a negative experience for myself and many others in the department as we experienced a constant level of disrespect from front line department supervisors. The disrespect occurred in the form of menial and excessive performance management activities such as a formal verbal warning for not providing more than 48 hours advanced notice for requesting a shift change. In addition, the

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