The Issue Of Domestic Violence Against Women

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Over the last 50 years the world has made huge strides against the issue of domestic violence against women. While this may seem like a great moral victory for us as a society we have a long way to go before the issue is under control. The very image of a man striking a woman immediately strikes a chord with most of us, causing great discomfort. If we switch the roles however the same proverbial chord lies there dormant. In fact when a man is struck in a movie by a woman it is often displayed as an act of empowerment by the woman and he is depicted as deserving of the violence.
In an article written last year in the Austin Journal of Psychiatry Behavior Sciences, author Guy Balice asserts, “As the media continues to perpetuate representations of DV as trivial and comical, it will be further normalized and desensitized in the public view. In addition, misrepresentation of DV as romantic and attractive translates that violence against women is acceptable. Minimizing the gravity of DV can lead to troubling outcomes such as underreporting of DV; this can impact the amount of individuals seeking treatment and result in victims of DV being unacknowledged and underserved.” While he directs his article towards women, his theory applies to domestic violence portrayal against men in the media as well. In the movie, This Christmas, Regina Bell’s character tricks her husband into showering while she spreads baby oil all over the floor. While in the shower she coerces him out and
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