The Issue Of Domestic Violence

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Americans generally don 't prefer the topic of domestic violence. Us Americans pay the five bucks for People magazine and US Weekly in the checkout line to catch up on the hottest trends and the newest celebrity gossip to carry us through the day, but why is that we skim over the domestic violence ad in the back and don 't ponder twice about what they are trying to convey? On the other hand, other countries have recently been speaking their minds loud and clear about this controversial topic. 12 Magazine in Bulgaria and APAV of Portugal recently released images embodying the real results from domestic violence for men and women, but then were asked to apologize for how gruesome and real they appeared. Why should they be the ones to apologize when “Every month three women lose their lives to either current or former husbands or lovers” (Jomad)? In the end all these companies wanted to accomplish was to help the victims feel comfortable and encourage them to come out about their abuse and no longer hide these horrific acts to protect their abusers. In the first ad, APAV depicts a woman of mixed ethnicities who is clearly battered and beaten down. She has no makeup on with a black eye and busted eyebrow as if she was recently just punched. You then realize the exhaustion in her helpless eyes and it looks as if she just pulled back her unwashed hair to draw more attention to her face in figure 1. You then begin to notice her busted lip and the hand over her mouth representing

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