The Issue Of Domestic Violence Homicides Or Gun Surrender Laws?

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B. Interview format: In an attempt to better understand the barriers in getting perpetrators to surrender their guns, and the possible solution in remedying them, I conducted interviews with different members of the King County community. The goal of these interviews was to generate information regarding the experiences of DV victims, and their advocates as well as law enforcement agencies on the issue of gun surrendering. Interviews were done primarily in person with the attorneys, and primarily over the phone with the DV advocates. Due to the political sensitivity of this issue, the majority of the interviewees have requested to remain anonymous. C. Interview Questions: The following questions guided each interview: Background: 1. Can you tell us a bit about the work you currently do, and how it is related to the issue of domestic violence homicides or gun surrender laws? a. How long have you been working in this capacity? b. In which County has most of your work been in? c. How often do you work with clients that are the victims of Domestic Violence? 2. Did any of your clients have a judge order their perpetrators to surrender their weapons, and if so, can you tell me about an instance where this has happened? Recent Policy Changes and their impact: 3. Washington enacted a law in 2014 that mirrors federal law by prohibiting gun possession by anyone subject to a protective order. The protective order must have been issued after a noticed hearing

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