The Issue Of Drone Law

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My research was on police use of military drones for surveillance and what impact it would have of the Fourth Amendment rights. Drone law is an emerging area of the law that has yet to be fully developed, so the issues discussed in the paper are likely to evolved, or change entirely, in the future. Despite the volatility of the current state of drone law, I believe that this is an incredible important area of the law for everyone in the United States, because there is a possibility of drastic changes to the privacy rights of American citizens. This pathfinder is intended to give a layperson an objective overview of the current status of drone law. To do this I will start my explaining drones and their capabilities. Next I will discuss Fourth Amendment common law with a specific focus on the use of technology and aerial vehicles to conduct searches. Finally, I will discuss the current state of drone laws and regulations. 1. Drones There is a wide variety of drones currently in use and being developed, most of which do not pose a threat to the privacy rights of citizens. In fact, there is a multi-million dollar industry in creating drones for hobbyist. These drones amount to nothing more than toys for adults (big boy toys). However, military contractors have developed drones that are specifically used for surveillance purposes. These are the drones that pose a real threat to the privacy rights of citizens. Drones, as defined by, are unmanned aircraft
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